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मोटी कमाई वाली BPCL को क्यों बेच रही है Modi Government?

मोटी कमाई वाली BPCL को क्यों बेच रही है Modi Government?

 Modi Government, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) में अपनी पूर Share sell कर रही है. Corona संकट की वजह से Indian Government को इसकी Auction लगाने की तारीख चार बार बढ़ानी पड़ी है. चौथी बार में सरकार को इस कंपनी की तीन बोलियां मिली हैं. इस कंपनी में सरकार की 52.98 फीसदी हिस्सेदारी है. लेक‍िन सरकार फायदे में चल रही कंपनी BPCL को क्यों बेच रही है? क्या है असली वजह

After four extensions, the government last week closed the first step in the process to privatise oil marketer Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL). The response was unflattering. Nothing from Reliance, Total, Aramco or BP. The government said it received “multiple" expressions of interest (EOIs) without naming them, with mining major Vedanta confirming it was one.

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The sale of BPCL is pivotal for the government. One, the ₹40,000 crore or so it is expected to fetch would help the government do something about its disinvestment target of ₹2,10,000 crore, or about 7% of its total projected revenues for 2020-21. Given the pandemic blow to tax revenues, disinvestment proceeds become even more vital. Two, the government was looking at BPCL as a rare instance of a public sector undertaking (PSU) being sold to a private player, paving the way for more privatization. Speaking to industry leaders on Monday, the finance minister, Niramala Sitharaman, promised to accelerate privatization of state-owned firms in the coming days.

The government needs the private sector to revive the disinvestment momentum. In terms of collections, 2017-18 was the big year, with proceeds crossing ₹1,00,000 crore for the first time. Collections tapered in the following two years and have evaporated this year.

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